BS.Player Pro 2.78 + Serial Key Free Download 2024

B.S.Player Pro 2.78 + Serial Key Free Download 2024

BS.Player Pro 2.78+ Serial Key Free Download 2024

B.S.Player Pro 2.78 sports games offer many advantages. It is free to download and does not take long to connect and play the game. The interface is very user-friendly and provides easy access to the control keys and other functions you need to play a game. If you do not like the game’s visual aspect and want to play without any distractions, this online application will be perfect for you. You can connect with your friends using or playing against them in friendly competitions. This online application has many levels once you advance to a higher level.

The maps include popular golf courses such as St. Jude, Bethpage State Park, and Riverton Golf Club. You do not have to wait to connect to the game or compete against opponents. You can play the game at any time of the day and in any place you prefer. Moreover, the interface allows you to play the game while watching your favorite T.V. shows. B.S. Players can be played using your personal computer or mobile phone. B.S. Player Pro user interface controls are simple but effective, and all the game’s features can be easily accessed.BSPlayer is a high-quality multimedia player for Android, among the masses of similar programs. This player stood out because it includes the possibility of video hardware acceleration.

To view the selected clip, you need to tap on its name; then, you will see a set of functions to work with this file. The player also has some special keys: Repeat (continuous playback is restarted), Display (output to display settings), Clean (remove the selected file from memory), Preferences (transition to major player settings), Generate thumbnail (auto-create playlists). Quite a nice point is that BSPlayer was calculated on the world market and therefore has such a nice feature as the ability to search and play subtitles of different formats.

B.S.Player Pro + Activation Key Free Download

B.S. Player Pro + Activation Key Free Download is one of your device’s best players for multimedia files. With a simple and intuitive interface, great functionality, and support of the mass media formats, this player will be a key for everyone who loves to watch movies, T.V. shows, online videos, and listen to music on their portable devices. After you launch BSPlayer, a window is visualized, which includes two modes of video playback settings: manual, which allows you to find the necessary files on the device, and playlist, which gathers data about the files that you have already viewed, and groups them into sections.

This is the full version of BSPlayer for Android multimedia player with full functionality. This media player is for Android devices: smartphones, and tablet PCs, supporting hardware-accelerated video decoding, automatic subtitle search, and buffered network playback from SMB shares. It is the most popular multimedia and can edit and add new files from any folder and URL. With an improved new function, it will play YouTube videos directly from the net and save them to your hard drive as an flv file for later playback. Now, you can download all his favorite YouTube videos down the computer using B.S.Player.

B.S. Player Pro has full functionality as a YouTube player and as a download at YouTube for any YouTube content. Besides the basic functions such as font type and size selection, the program supports many other functions: drop shadow, outline, position the subtitles on the screen, etc. Time subtitles bad can be edited in the programs by simple shortcuts. B.S.Player can display two external subtitles (.srt, .sub .txt …) at the same time. You can select the position of both subtitles and enjoy dual subtitles with your favorite movie in two languages.

B.S.Player Pro + Registration Key 2024

B.S.Player Pro + Registration Key 2023 any multimedia file,s even when stored into multiple files, as rar. Now, no need to get multimedia files of you every time you want to view them; right-click on the first file of the rar archive (usually filename.rar or filename.001) and select ‘Open with B.S.Player’ and allow the media player of your favorite to do the rest. B.S.The player can playback any AVCHD files (also known as AVC-HD or AVC HD) created by the digital camcorder Canon, JVC, Panasonic, and Sony. Watch movies in full screen at 16: 9 on the screen. The black edges above and below are inevitable. Features Pan-scan allows you to view your movie without the edges. Using pan-scan, custom, you can put the pan you choose.

Although BS. Players are proud to bring modern, laid-out new standards in this field; we have added an option of choosing the big easy, and more options interface to customize your own. You can create a dream of your own or choose from many templates prepared in advance in the SKIN of us. Files AVI have more than two channels, i.e., the file multi-language is supported. Therefore, BS. Player ™ gives you a choice about latency in the playback. The settings for the module are pre-installed, such as Winamp and Equalizer can be found here.

B.S.Player Pro is the powerful Customization of Images and Sounds – B.S. Player Pro allows you to customize the sound and image quality. B.S.Player Pro, you can adjust the aspect ratio, like rotating 90 degrees, flipping, and zooming the video to your liking. Notably, smartphones have various aspect ratios. Therefore, this feature allows you to maximize the experience in every video. In addition, you can adjust color filters, brightness, saturation, and contrast of videos with the customization features of this app. The app also allows users to search subtitles online, control volume and audio quality, select favorite segments, and many more.

Key Features:

  • Chromecast support with compatibility for the majority of mp4 formats
  • Playback of videos using hardware acceleration dramatically boosts playback speed while simultaneously reducing power consumption, and it supports multi-core (dual and quad-core) hardware decoding.
  • Audio pre-amplification (“volume boost” – user definable up to 500 percent)
  • Playback will appear in a new window. (audio and video)
  • Modifications to the aspect ratio and zoom
  • Several distinct audio streams, along with subtitles
  • Provides support for a wide range of programmable gestures, including Seek, Jump, Brightness, and Volume control, as well as an Exit to Popup Video.
  • Support for playlists and several different playback modes
  • Support for audio headsets as well as keyboards connected via Bluetooth that are external
  • Audio offset, playback speed, gestures, and key combinations that can be customized
    ssa/ass, srt, sub, and txt subtitles, as well as external and embedded subtitles…
  • A search for the subtitles that are automatic (mobile or Wi-Fi connection must be enabled to work)
  • Directly playback media files such as videos and mp3s from network shared drives and folders.
  • Files can be played back directly from uncompressed RAR archives.
  • Locking the screen will prevent videos from being changed by accident (child lock)
    Support for USB On-the-Go (OTG) as well as many more features!
  •  ONLY in the full version: experimental support for Chromecast (most mp4s are
  • Hardware-accelerated video playback – significantly increases playback speed and reduces battery consumption, supporting multi-core (dual and quad-core) hardware decoding.
  • Playback in a popup window (audio and video)
  • aspect-ratio adjustments and zoom
  • Multiple audio streams and subtitles
  • Supports customizable gestures for Seek, Jump, Brightness, and Volume control, exit to popup video

What’s New?

  • Playlist support and various playback modes.
  • Support for audio headsets and external Bluetooth keyboards
  • Customizable audio offset, playback speed, gestures, and keys
  • External and embedded subtitles ssa/ass, srt, sub, txt…
  • Automatic subtitle search
  • Playback media files such as videos and mp3s directly via Wi-Fi from your network
  • shared drives/folders (such as external USB drives, SMB shares, P.C. shared folders,
  • NAS servers (Synology and others)) – no need to convert video files and Copy media files to S.D. card
  • Playback files directly from uncompressed RAR files
  • Lock screen to prevent accidental change of videos (child lock)
  • Support for USB OTG (On-The-Go) and much more!

System Requirements:

  • Supported O.S.: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
  • RAM (Memory): 2 GB RAM (4 G.B. recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more

Serial Key:





Activation Key:





License Key:





Registration Key:





How To Install?

  1.  Download the program
  2. Disable Windows Defender
  3. Decompress
  4. installation

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